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Convertible SIM 

2FF and 3FF in one card

The diversity of mobile devices has been increasing over the last decade, and this has had an impact on SIM form factors as well. The Plug-in SIM was the predominant form factor for many years but has been replaced by smaller variants such as the Micro-SIM (3FF) or the Nano-SIM (4FF). Nevertheless there are still devices which require 2FF.

You as an MNO are faced with a logistical problem. You need to have the different SIM versions in stock, which increases your costs and logistics.

The Convertible SIM is not just a card that combines 2FF and 3FF in one card body. Due to a special cut of the 3FF part, you can easily reinsert the 3FF into the 2FF frame. Both pieces can be properly reconnected and operation in the mobile device remains stable. 

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convertable sim

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