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Food tracking with BayWa Global Produce

Cutting out time and costs in fresh fruit logistics with G+D's SIGNiT®

Food logistics has very special requirements as speed is essential due to the fact that goods may go off if there is a delay in delivery. This may also be the case if the temperature or other conditions get out of the specified range during transportation. For some foodstuffs, there is even a risk of fraud if goods are replaced with similar items, e.g. with food of poorer quality or from another place of origin. Further, as fruit is sourced globally, several national and international laws and rules have to be considered. In Germany, for instance, there is a new supply chain law (“Lieferketten Gesetz”) with several requirements and specifications relating to food.

As with other logistics areas, digitalization and goods tracking can help optimize processes and identify weaknesses, etc.

Beyond this, there is a need to provide security and trust in the food transportation industry, especially as there are typically many players involved. Clear identification of the causes of damage is sometimes difficult.

This is where SIGNiT®, a trusted blockchain-based data solution from Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) and its partners, comes into place.

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