mobile secyourity

It's all about managing identities

Trusted Application Kit

The challenge

Mobile phones have become an integral part of many consumers’ lives and they expect service providers to adapt to their mobile lifestyles. Mobile applications are now found in a wide variety of use cases for managing security- critical, sensitive, and personal data in business and personal life. The use of apps is growing. The subsequent increase in the number of downloads from app stores and in the time spent using apps has made them the target of more and more attacks. Therefore, providing secure and convenient mobile applications to users while building and maintaining customer trust poses a major challenge to application providers. The fragmentation of the mobile device ecosystem and addressing the needs of the mass market while providing the right level of security are tough nuts to crack.

The solution

To meet this growing demand for security, G&D offers the “Trusted Application Kit” (TAK).  Come and download our TAK Datasheet to find out more!


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