eCommerce payments your customers will love!

  • Increase your payment card authorization rates
  • Card-on-file (CoF) tokenization is becoming a dominant e-commerce payment method

High conversion rates depend on low friction and customer satisfaction when it comes to pay

Payment card authorization rates and growth goes hand in hand: The higher the rate, the greater likelihood for repeated customer transactions, and the higher the business revenue.

In a rapidly developing omnichannel environment happening as we speak, where customers are expecting a 360° shopping experience, it will be essential to offer just as flexible payments experiences. But the online payment process is fragmented and online merchants can store or transmit payment credentials in a variety of ways. Meaning, customers can choose their preferred way to pay for the best experience.  

In 2022, card-on-file (CoF) tokenization is becoming a dominant payment method with 95% of e-commerce payments predicted to be tokenized.  Are you offering this?

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Did you know?



Average conversion rate for e-commerce sites being less than 3%, this further underlines the fact that low friction and customer satisfaction when it comes to online payments is crucial. CoF enables higher authorization rates, without tampering with security or the customer experience!



Competition is one of the top three challenges facing e-commerce today, alongside cybersecurity and order fulfillment. Here the BigTechs have a huge advantage thanks to their existing customer stickiness. But you can still change the game by offer e-commerce payments your customers will love!



In 2024, 60% of in-store and online merchants will accept multiple non-card retail payments operationalized by direct-from-bank-schemes. This makes the enablement of customer centric, easy to use, fast, and yet secure payments of paramount importance. Make this your offer too!


Optimized conversion rates thanks to Card-on-file

We understand the new use cases and business models driven by customer behavior. As online shopping is booming, there is a big risk that the BigTechs take the larger piece of the e-commerce cake, pivoting their customer interfaces to new use cases.

These challenges are not only threats but also opportunities for you to redefine your offerings and reaffirm your relevance in the market.

In this video, Jukka Yliuntinen, Head of Digital Solutions at G+D, gives hands on advice on how to offer smooth customer-facing digital payments, which will affect conversion and enable new revenue streams. All in a safe and secure way – for you and your customers.


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