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eSIM study & webinar 2020

eSIM: fuel for the IoT machine

Every part of the mobile ecosystem is aligning behind the eSIM specification. eSIM is seen as playing a wide array of functions beyond connectivity. The industry expects eSIM adoption to rapidly accelerate in the next two years. MNO’s and vendors that do not already support eSIM need to plan when – not if – they will do so.

The IDC study, commissioned by G+D, provides highly differentiated insights into how key ecosystem players perceive the relevance of eSIM technology for consumer, enterprise, and industrial IoT use cases.

Learn how thought leaders are starting to lever eSIM technology as a core strategic asset and what their plans are going forward with the unique potential of eSIM for the future of the IoT machine.

Download our package including the following assets:

  • IDC study (PDF file)
    commissioned by G+D
  • Recording of webinar 2020 (video)
    Key findings and implications on the eSIM study
  • Slides of webinar 2020 (PDF file)

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