StarSign® FIDO solutions


StarSign® FIDO solutions - protect company, employee and customer information with simpler and stronger authentication based on open and scalable standards from the FIDO Alliance

Enterprises continue to evolve business processes and transactions to online, cloud and mobile services, but are constantly trading off fast and easy access with robust authentication security. G+D’s StarSign® FIDO based solutions turn that around and make online security a simpler and better user experience while providing stronger security and reducing risks for the enterprise. FIDO Authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast login experiences across websites and apps.

Our StarSign® FIDO solutions offers a wide variety of options which can be tailored to your specific needs. They are all easy-to-implement and flexible. Once integrated into your environment you enormously benefit from cost-efficiency such as reduced support costs and improved user experience.


StarSign®: Mobile Authentication FIDO Server




StarSign® Mobile Authentication Server enables seamless and frictionless authentication with FIDO UAF, FIDO2 and FIDO U2F. Employees, customers and end users get compliant, secure and convenient access to their digital systems and services. Both desktop as well as mobile environments are very well supported with a choice from a variety of authentication factors, including hardware tokens, software solutions and biometrics.

The StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication server's key to success is its combination of convenience, security, compliance and flexibility. As an interoperable solution based on open industry standards set forth by the FIDO Alliance, the StarSign® Mobile Authentication server is future-proof and offers security of investment. It is fully PSD2 compliant and Common Criteria certified and does not require a PKI or complex infrastructure.

StarSign® FIDO Mobile Authentication Server in a nutshell:

  • Multifactor authentication server covering both enterprise and consumer-focused use cases
  • Allows convenient and secure user verification based on biometrics on mobile devices or with FIDO enabled hardware devices, e.g. the G+D StarSign® FIDO Card or G+D StarSign® FIDO Key Fob (available end of 2020).
  • Complementary client SDKs for the mobile platforms Android and iOS allowing an easy integration into your mobile applications including biometric methods fingerprint, iris, face and voice
  • Supported authentication protocols: FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F, FIDO2
  • Straightforward integration into your existing backend environment via REST API and SAML2; hosting on any Java EE supporting environment.
  • Does not require any PKI or complex infrastructures
  • With its multi-tenancy support its largely scalable and can be deployed in HA redundant clusters
  • PSD2 compliant and Common Criteria certified
  • Optional risk-based authentication supporting behavioral analysis (swiping, typing), context analysis (location, network), device analysis (device fingerprint/parameters) and definitions of policies
  • Quick installation and integration into existing enterprise environments
  • Professional support, maintenance and training services

StarSign®: Mobile Authentication FIDO Authenticators

G+D offers the broadest range of FIDO authenticators ranging from purely software-based to a wide range of hardware authenticators based on smart card chip technology including the G+D StarSign® FIDO Card and the StarSign® FIDO Key Fob (available end of 2020).

The FIDO UAF certified StarSign® FIDO SW Authenticator can be easily integrated into Android and iOS applications and allows users to use their mobile device for convenient and secure user verification based on biometrics. It is purely based on software and does not require any additional hardware. Key generation, storage and usage are based on G+D’s TAK solution, the most stringent software security toolkit on the market today.

G+D’ s StarSign® FIDO Card supports FIDO U2F and FIDO2 in an unique hybrid mode allowing plug&play use on any FIDO U2F and FIDO2 enabled operating system and internet browser without the need of special drivers, e.g. for Windows login on Windows 10 or webpage login via the internet browsers Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. The user verification can be optionally performed via a card PIN which can be individually defined by the card holder. The StarSign® FIDO Card is a dual interface card allowing contact-based and contactless FIDO transactions and can be easily combined with other applications such as physical access control.


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