Frictionless every-day use of financial services


  • State-of-the-art Customer Experience
  • Seamless and Compliant Customer Authentication
  • Safe Provisioning for Payment on the fly
  • Top-of-wallet effects with Metal Cards

The silver bullet that will surprise and delight your customers!

There is no doubt: the world is digital! And banking customers are changing their behavior based on the experiences they have on their daily digital journey.

What does that mean? Today‘s customers adapt their expectations built on their consumption of social networks, global marketplaces, and their favorite online-stores. And they expect their banking solutions to be just as available and easy to use as every other digital service in their daily journey. This presents an exciting opportunity to build your financial offerings around your customer!

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How to stay top-of-wallet? The answer is Metal Cards!

Did you know that Metal Cards have existed since the 1920s? Back in the days, they were handed out to trusted customers as a token of solvency.

Now Metal Cards are one of the latest payment trends driven by consumers’ desire for that little extra, again connected to status and abundance but also style. Unique treatment and special value are paramount for issuers who want their customers to feel exclusive. But why not ramp it up further and go from exclusivity to an extra-ordinary customer experience? With Metal Cards you can give your customers something they can be excited about in a vibrant and hefty fashion.

And with G+D as a partner, you can expand that offer with exclusive packaging, additional services and in combination with digital solutions. With Metal Cards, you stay top-of-wallet!

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Authentication as a conversion optimizer!

New customer expectations as well as new regulations have great impact on your future business. Regardless if your customers engage fully digital or with physical cards, authentication of sensitive data in a smooth and seamless but foremost secure way is key for success. We understand the new use cases and business models driven by regulations and user behavior, and the challenges that come with the required new security approach.

How we do that?

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Solutions your customers will love – we bank on it!

A state-of-the-art customer experience is the key to customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential to provide a digital banking platform which includes customer-proven usability to guarantee card- and account-management with easy onboarding, smart card activation, secure digital payments with authentication and tokenization, virtual and physical cards as a secure journey across all channels and touchpoints.

A digital banking platform will not only affect the way your customers do their banking, it will also improve conversions and enable new revenue streams, and it allows you to be stealthy in responding to behavioral changes. We have done this for more than 165 years, before digitalization even existed as a word. And we know the challenges to overcome in an ever-changing world, not only based on our strong legacy in managing every-day payments but thanks to our future-proof portfolio of solutions and products. Contact us and we will share with you how it is done 

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