Rewarding and frictionless customer authentication

A Novel Solution: Utilizing EMV cards for Strong Customer Authentication 

Convenience and security go hand in hand in the way we pay today. Customers expect payment on the fly and easy authentication. That is why implementing Strong Customer Authentication needs to enable a seamless customer experience. As a part of this, G+D is presenting a new way to safeguard the customer.


With our novel solution Convego®tap, utilizing EMV cards for Strong Customer Authentication your customers will love to use your services! How to? Contact us for a demo! Or watch this webinar!

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Turn your onboarding into a great customer experience

Today’s customers are used to simplistic digital services that are device agnostic and offer easy onboarding to new services. In a regulated environment, customer identification not only require internal structures for compliance checks and account monitoring, but also needs to be competitive in order to attract new customers. To stand out, the onboarding process must be compliant and easily integrated into existing infrastructure, and with an interface that surprises and delights your customers already from the beginning on in the customer relationship. Sounds very easy but can be a real game-changer when it comes to grow and scale quickly and efficiently, as well as benefit from new revenue streams.

Watch this video with Rüdiger Vogt on how to secure the onboarding process remotely and identify new customers in a compliant yet easy way.



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Conversion and loyalty driven by the customer experience. But how to?

We understand the new use cases and business models driven by regulations and user behavior, and the challenges that come with the required new security approaches. These challenges are opportunities to redefine your offerings and reaffirm your relevance in the market.

With secure and smooth customer-facing services such as a channel-agnostic, user-friendly and compliant onboarding to a seamless payment experience and anytime anywhere banking options, will affect conversion and enable new revenue streams, in a safe and secure way – for you and your customers. Contact us for more information!




For more information about our Authentication solutions, check this out: Biometrics at G+D. 


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