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Emerging connected devices are the future of our digital lives supporting the way we live, work and play. What happens if these connected devices are misused? Our connectivity and security solutions will help you manage risks and build the next generation of devices!

With SIGNiT, G+D addresses one of the main challenges of digitalization: the dependence of data-based business models on the trustworthiness and integrity of their data streams - in specific in the IoT.

SIGNiT offers an efficient, scalable and cost-effective way to 100% trusted IoT data, opening the door to many new data-driven business models. SIGNiT keeps the security and integrity of the business model at the highest level, which is of essential importance. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning improve analytics but if at the end the data is corrupt the whole system and the best algorithms fail. SIGNiT is a solution that combines proven SIM environments and secure operating systems by G+D Mobile Security in combination with innovative blockchain technology. The blockchain holds a trust protocol, which ensures that data from IoT sensors can’t be falsified after their generation. The data packets of these sensors are sealed with strong cryptography in a way that it becomes technically impossible to manipulate them once stored in a Blockchain. This combination of offering Blockchain on a SIM is unique and the first of its kind.

SIGNiT provides that long awaited Digital twin solution that the industry has been looking for. Should your business needs involve multiple parties that work on common data sets, then SIGNiT is best positioned to support your needs.

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Worried about the authenticity of your IoT data?

Enable your device with a unique identity using a secure SIM card and generate immutable data through blockchain technology.

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