More Accessible Payments for all

Why does making payments more accessible matter?

Payments shall be easier for everyone. According to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, investing in accessibility and social sustainability solutions is crucial to success and can form a significant part of banks’ and financial institutions’ overall ESG strategy.

Empowering customers through accessible and seamless payment technologies.

Every consumer wants easy, convenient and secure payments, but they are not created uniform: they have different needs and requirements to reach a convenient payment journey. For banks, it’s important that their services and technologies are as accessible as possible, and where customers need additional support to complete their payment journey, technology can step in to bridge the gap.


Access to payments for everyone

In our diverse society, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to making payments means that certain groups in the society may face more challenges in accessing services or making transactions. As the population gets older across many countries, for example, new challenges and demands occur in payment journey design.

Here at G+D, we believe that every single individual shall be able to make payments easily and securely. This is also a matter of respect and recognition of each individual. In designing tools and solutions to offer more fitting alternatives to those with disabilities or impairments, our technology can help in many circumstances to make payments more accessible.

Walk the talk – A step at a time toward accessibility in payments

The payment industry is at the beginning of the journey of achieving social commitment and increasing accessibility for all, G+D has committed to supporting banks in this journey a step at a time. It’s how we’re empowering people and powering economies.


Empower people with visual impairments

We have been supporting banks across the globe to offer payment solutions for people with visual impairments.  

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Better equipped with aging 

We are focused on supporting banks to ensure their older customers are best equipped to guarantee a seamless, accessible, and convenient payment experience at all times.  


Prospecting a barrier-free future in payments

G+D will extend its commitment and journey with the support of civic organizations, banks, retailers, and end customers to ensure more can continue to participate in today’s payment system.  

How can we help banks to offer more and better?

Making physical payments seamless 

Convego® Sense-Dot card

These embossed bumps, applied to the card at the point of personalization help customers differentiate between different cards in their wallets – for example, a customer’s credit card might have a different pattern of bumps than their debit card.

Notch card

This simple change - a crescent shape cut out of one side of the card - helps customers more easily identify the correct orientation for cards for insertion into ATMs and terminals.

Convego® YOU Biometric card

Cards protected with biometric security remove the need for customers to use  passwords, PINs, a mobile device to authenticate their transactions – which can help customers make payments without needing to memorize and enter their PIN.

Convego® ClearView card

With this service, banks can print the cardholder’s PAN, expiry, name, and CVV in large and high contrast print to make it easier to read and make payments, great for those that might struggle to read a smaller print or embossed detail.

Convego® Braille (Card and Mailer)

Your payment card can be accompanied by both the traditional carrier and – in braille format – a document that helps customers with visual impairments understand the information contained on the user’s payment card and mailer.

Making digital and mobile payments easier

Netcetera_Senior Wallet

(solution powered by Netcetera)

Ensuring more accessible digital wallet solutions that are tailored to seniors’ specific needs is a key part of the social responsibility of banks. As the global population ages and the demographic for senior users expands, it is more important than ever to make sure your digital solutions work for this segment as a great social, strategic, and profitable choice for your services in the decades ahead.

Convego® AUTH-U

Convego® AUTH-U is a highly secure, seamless, and biometric-based solution that enables digital payments to be authenticated without passwords or PINs. It empowers customers to authenticate through multiple biometric options - face, voice, iris, or fingerprint - or even combine them for increased security.

Convego® CloudPay HCE (with G+D Assist)

Convego HCE with G+D assist allows banks/issuers to manage the digital payment experience and even provide capabilities such as audio confirmation of the payment amount before it is processed, empowering people with visual impairments and providing greater confidence and assurance at the point of sale.

Making onboarding convenient

Secure Remote Onboarding

Where customers might have limited access to a branch, this service allows them to verify their ID and onboard from their homes.
* Available in specific regions. 

"Talk to me" Verbal Carrier Content QR Codes 

QR codes can be printed in your carrier letters and allow customers to access audio content – in multiple languages – which could be additional information, AR simulation or an audio version of the carrier conten

G+D supports your payments to be more accessible


An experienced innovator in the payment industry

With more than 170 years of passion for payments, convenience and seamless payment innovation are deeply rooted in our genes.


A trusted partner in achieving ESG commitments

As a pioneer in providing sustainable payment solutions for banks, we leverage our existing success to provide socially sustainable payments in parallel with environmental offerings.


United for Success

Making payments and financial services more inclusive is a challenge that cannot be solved by one bank, or one business alone. We encourage all parts of the industry to work together towards these goals.

More insights on accessibility


Making banking more accessible

Banks are on a mission to make their digital and physical payment solutions more universally and easily accessible for everyone, especially for the ever-growing aging groups and ones with impairments.  


We want to collaborate with you

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make the card and digital payments more accessible and inclusive, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the form and let us know your thoughts. Your suggestion could become the next solution that supports someone’s access to payments.