Mobile World Congress

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, February 24-27, 2020

Our solutions, your future

The connected world is always changing, and the pace is only set to increase in the coming years. We share more personal data and conduct more of our lives online than ever before. For your customers to take advantage of everything the digital world has to offer means they have to trust their connectivity and trust the services they use every day.

When you partner with G+D Mobile Security, we will help you confidently navigate the digital world and provide a secure, trusted foundation for your products and services. At MWC 2020, you’ll experience our latest advances in mobile connectivity, identity management and security. You’ll learn how G+D’s suite of Mobile Security solutions can enable your business to meet the challenges and opportunities of digital connectivity, now and in the future.


We secure identities for...

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • IoT Companies
  • Automotive
  • Financial Institutions

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Mobile Network Operators

Our solutions, your future mobile connectivity business.

With new connectivity technologies come new customer demands and new challenges. As your customers live more of their lives online and on the move, trust in network security has never been more important. G+D Mobile Security can help you to confidently navigate the complexities of connectivity technologies with our range of security and digital identity management solutions. Your services will benefit from end-to-end protection and you’ll be able to develop innovative new ways to serve your customer.

Visit us at MWC2020 to learn how we can help provide a secure, trusted foundation for your connectivity. We can enable you to embrace the future of mobile networks, attract and retain customers with secure trusted innovation and deliver tomorrow’s cutting-edge connectivity technologies.


  • Learn how eSIM Management allows you to instantly and easily onboard new customers
  • See new seamless ways to connect and manage enterprise device fleets
  • Explore how to flexibly connect consumer IoT devices with eSIM Management
  • Find out how to secure, connect and manage IoT devices

IoT Companies

Our solution, your future technology.

Emerging connected devices are the future of our digital lives supporting the way we live, work and play. From smart homes to smart cities and the latest smart wearables, the world will benefit from the IoT to improve security, energy efficiency and convenience. Our connectivity and security solutions will help you manage risks and build the next generation of devices. Together we can bring your innovations to life, build the industry of tomorrow and protect your customers by offering them a seamless, secure mobile experience.

At MWC 2020, learn how our suite of connectivity, security and identity management solutions can help you navigate the complex world of mobile connectivity.


  • Get insights on our Security and Connectivity Suite for IoT
  • Find out how to tackle consumer and industrial 5G
  • Explore how to capitalize on our Root of Trust and e2e security
  • Learn more about our convergence solutions




Our solution, your future journeys.

Today’s automotive market is changing. Your customers want secure, personalised digital solutions. Solutions that make their driving experience more convenient, more efficient and more customizable to their preferences. Once viewed as optional extras, Infotainment and telematics are key factors in your customers’ next vehicle purchase. G+D Mobile Security helps you offer your customers flexible, scalable digital services that keep the customers’ connectivity secure.


  • Learn how in-car telematics solutions transform connected vehicles on a global level in a 5G context
  • Experience our technology to create 5G-ready secure systems and services driving vehicle-to-everything (V2X) secure communications
  • Find out how keyless car entry and operation becomes a secure, reliable possibility

Financial Institutions

Our solutions, your future services.

In this day and age, for their every-day usage of financial services, your customers expect them to be as seamless and mobile as their interactions with other digital platforms. Whether it is signing up to an account, upgrading to new services, paying at the POS or just checking their credit balance, your customers want an easy and convenient yet secure interface with their financial service provider.

Our experts will support you in choosing the right solutions for enabling you to offer your customers state-of-the-art financial services with unrivalled security and a smooth customer experience that can be delivered at scale. We will show you how to simplify your technology ecosystem for robust, reliable and flexible services.

Meet us and explore how our trustworthy and future-proof solutions provide you a secure foundation for your customers’ every-day banking experience, and give you opportunities to develop new revenue streams. 


  • Find out how to offer payment solutions your customers will love!
  • Get insights on the latest development for Secure Customer Authentication
  • Interact with our device agnostic E2E banking experience to get familiar with our offerings for online, offline, physical and virtual payment



How to find us!

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