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For the second year in a row, G+D digital payment solutions win two innovation awards from Juniper Research

In September 2021, G+D received the Platinum Award in the "Best QR Code Payment Offering" category for its solution the Convego® Pearl for Mobile. Convego® CloudPay eSE, G+D's payment enablement for wearables, was also recognized with the platinum award in "Wearable Payment Innovation". Both solutions are based on G+D's proven and scalable portfolio for digital payments and enable safe, secure and convenient payments for everyday use.

"G+D offers a range of innovative payment solutions across multiple form factors. Both Convego® Pearl for Mobile and Convego® Cloudpay eSE were recognized by the judges for their disruptive potential. We believe G+D has the pedigree and connections to grow these solutions and enjoy significant success going forward."
Nick Maynard, lead analyst at Juniper Research 2021



About Convego® Pearl for mobile

This closed-loop payment system with a mobile-first approach decreases cost for internal implementation and external roll-outs, and it increases customer stickiness as it is a convenient way to reach your broader customer base. Since the solution is based on QR codes, in a non-NFC environment, you avoid POS abandonment as solution works on any mobile phone with a camera and a screen.


Download playbook - The challenge of a multi-channel payment experience

With QR code enabled contactless payment for mobile, the consumers can conveniently but foremost securely pay contactless – and at the same time enjoy loyalty features and avoid overspending.

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For the second year in a row, our solution for wearable payment enablement has won a Juniper platinum award.

About Convego® CloudPay eSE

From watches, wristbands and jewelry to glasses and clothing, the use cases for wearable payments are many. And as contactless payments is coming into its own, wearable payments are seeing a dramatic increase in customer adoption – in everyday use.

The appeal of wearable payment is easy to understand. The ability to use items worn on the body to quickly and easily pay for goods and services takes the convenience of mobile and contactless payment to a new level. And we know how you can leverage on this demand, and the possibilities wearable technology brings!


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Wearables have transformed the way millions of people live, play, work and pay, with new applications for the technology being implemented at a staggering pace. What was once the province of premium consumer technology is now being used in multiple industries in single and multiple-use applications, from payments and access management to transportation and ticketing.

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“G+D’s entries for Digital Wallet and IoT Payment Innovation were highly convincing, showing that G+D has all the tools at hand to enable the building of compelling digital payment mechanisms. We found that these capabilities will be critical as the impact of digital payments throughout the financial ecosystem accelerates and as less traditional vendors try to build new payment solutions for consumers”
Nick Maynard, Lead Analyst at Juniper Research 2020


Success Stories

SwatchPAY! The coolest way to pay

In both 2020 and 2021 our wearable enablement solution, Convego® CloudPay eSE – used by SwatchPAY! - has been awarded Platinum Award by Juniper Research.

As digital contactless payments are increasing worldwide, regardless channel our type of device, securing sensitive customer credentials and payment data is expected for every form-factor. Our wearable solution is used for SwatchPAY!, and is an excellent example on how to combine convenience, a stylish device and payment into one: you can even pay for your watch with your watch! Check out this video on how easily it is done.


swatch logo-1

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A success story: How Rabo Wallet got to be number one in Playstore

Digital payments your customer will love!

In 2020, G+D's Convego® Wallet solution was awarded the Platinum Award in the category "Best Digital Wallet" from Juniper Research, and Juniper's motivation behind this honourable award was the fact that G+D has all the tools to hand to enable the building of compelling digital payment mechanisms.

One customer that is live with G+D's digital wallet since a couple of years is Rabobank, and they also celebrated great success with this solution in 2020, when their Rabo Wallet was ranked the Netherland's number one downloaded digital wallet in Playstore.

With contactless payments increasing due to the "new normal", the usage of digital solutions is boosting everywhere. For Rabobank's digital wallet this meant an all-time high customer conversion! But the popularity with this wallet isn't only just being a digital wallet. The G+D solution enables a lot of use cases that adds value to Rabobank's customers which creates satisfaction, loyalty and an enhanced customer experience.


Carsten Wengel, G+D’s Business Strategy champion, talked to Cecile Moerkens from Rabobank on the key to success when launching a digital wallet. And in this video, you will get insights in their strategy behind to offer a wallet, hands-on advice and best practices, as well as intel on what impact it has had on the brand - and how Rabobank surprises and delights their customers with this G+D digital wallet.

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