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Where Does the SIM Evolve to in an Autonomous Car World?

With the rise of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), vehicles will connect and exchange data with other vehicles, infrastructure, and consumers’ devices. Analysts predict 25 billion connected devices in 2020. M2M connectivity will drive this growth, inspired by the vision of autonomous cars, which will include vehicle-to-vehicle data communication and other connected car services.


In this webinar, hosted by, we focus on why the SIM, with its long history in connected cars, is the trusted element and catalyst to secure identities and manage security credentials. For emerging applications like V2X and autonomous driving there is a continuous need for security and privacy.

Key topics include:

  • The importance of hardware security
  • SIM-based privacy with the emergence of 5G
  • Digital identities and new mobility experiences


  • Sharath Muddaiah, Director Business Development and IoT
  • Bodo Albert, Senior Product Manager Automotive
  • Steve Bell, Analyst

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